Striving for refinement and authenticity for over thirty years.
We have been producing delicious, artisanal ice creams, using only the best quality ingredients since 1984.

Bocconcini Gelateria Dai Dai

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The secret behind the delicious and unmistakeable taste of our delicacies is in the selection of excellent ingredients, hand-made artisanal methods and the respect we have for the traditions, stories and people who got us where we are now.

Today, in addition to our all-time favourite cassatina, we offer bocconcini, mattonelle and other specialities.

Try them. You’ll be captivate after the first bite.

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Preparazione artigianale tartufini al cioccolato Dai Dai


Our delicious products are entirely hand-made because we know that only time and the expert hands of our confectioners can produce the excellent results we want to achieve.

This is why we carefully select the ingredients and then devote our work to obtaining a full and unique taste.

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Today we inaugurate the new Dai Dai website. An important project carried out with dedication and passion by Fuoricentro Studio, and born from the desire

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