Cassatina Dai Dai con Biscotti di Prato alle mandorle


It is with great pride that today we present a new delicious Dai Dai creation in collaboration with another celebrated Tuscan company: Biscottificio Antonio Mattei in Prato, founded in 1858 and now renowned and appreciated around the world, mainly for its traditional almond biscuits, Biscotti di Prato, commonly known as “cantucci” or “cantuccini”, but also for the cakes and the other delicacies it has been baking daily for over 150 years.

We worked on a recipe that brings together the best of Dai Dai and Biscottificio Mattei. The result is the new cassatina with a heart of fresh cream and almond Biscotti di Prato, with a coating on fine chocolate. The sweet almonds enhance the taste of the fresh cream; the friable consistency of the biscuits perfectly complements the softness of the cream ice cream; the result is irresistible.

The presentation is today, 25 May 2016, at the historic premises of Biscottificio Mattei and marks the start of an important and significant collaboration between two outstanding Tuscan companies, both with strong links to the territory and devoted to the same principles: the use of top quality raw materials, the importance of tradition and artisanal production methods, desire to expand internationally.

From today, at Biscottificio Mattei you will find the new cassatina with almond Biscotti di Prato. Try it, we are sure it will leave you lost for words.

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