Preparazione artigianale tartufini al cioccolato Dai Dai


The secret behind the irresistible taste of each one of our creations is in the high-quality raw materials, artisanal preparation and traditional recipes.

We don’t use colourants, additives, surrogates, thickeners or antifreeze ingredients. We select and use only top quality fresh ingredients, produced in Italy by renowned companies, with strong links to our territory.

This is how we get those authentic flavours and fragrances that delight the senses from the very first bite – so different from the standardised tastes of industrial products – and bring back memories of the genuinely good and simple flavours of childhood.


Our delicious products are entirely hand-made because we know that only time and the expert hands of our confectioners can produce the excellent results we want to achieve.
This is why we carefully select and use only the best ingredients and prepare them in small quantities. So we can follow the preparation phases closely and obtain unique flavours, fragrance and textures.

Each one of our bocconcini, cassatine, mattonelle and other Dai Dai specialties is unique and features the imperfections that prove they have been proudly prepared by hand.


We believe in the value and importance of every person that works with us and every time we start a new venture we hope it can last forever.

This is how over the years we have created a family of fifteen patisseries. Some have worked with us since the start, others joined in the years that followed. We have invested time and energy in each one, building up experience and know-how day by day, working with determination and passion.