The new DAI DAI website is online


Today we inaugurate the new Dai Dai website. An important project carried out with dedication and passion by Fuoricentro Studio, and born from the desire to present our identity, history and products in the best possible way.

The work was carried out on different levels, here we briefly explain the most significant stages.


The new information architecture has been designed to offer:

  • a catalogue of products easy to consult and with a great visual impact;
  • in-depth information on Dai Dai’s history and the distinctive characteristics of its products;
  • interesting themes for the different users.

As for graphic design, the focus is on the element that makes Dai Dai really unique: the fresh and top quality ingredients used to prepare all its products. A real tribute to nature and the goodness of simple authentic flavours expressed mainly through some stunning images reminiscent of the style of old illustrated herbals.


Alessandro Puccinelli, in collaboration with Fuoricentro Studio, created a proper photography report that tells the story of the different manufacturing stages of our products, all rigorously carried out by hand. Then he took pictures of each and every type of bocconcini, cassatine, mattonelle and other Dai Dai specialties, capturing their deliciousness. When browsing through the pages of our website you will find them irresistible and crave each one of them. These amazing photographs, and the content created by Fuoricentro, will allow you to embark on a sensorial journey and discover the character and the taste of each Dai Dai creation.

Dai Dai Journal

In addition to the information about our products and history, we have also included an editorial section, the Dai Dai Journal, in which we will keep you up to date with news on Dai Dai’s participation in trade fairs, announce new products, tell you about important collaborations, present restaurants, catering services and local and national businesses that offer our delicacies.

Let us know if you like our new website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our delicious artisanal ice cream creations.

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